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To become large companies, start-ups need collaborative innovation, substantial funding, professional guidance, access to leading corporations and international networks to eventually start selling on the global market.

CO.STATION is a post-accelerator, providing access to new markets and capital. We support High-tech startups that already have a scalable & revenue generating business model, with what they need to grow.

Brussels, at the heart of Europe, is surrounded by the most densely-populated, culturally- diverse, technologically-educated region on Earth and has a role to play.


Growing Company


Venture Capital


The challenge for small or medium companies is often to access large funds or global markets.
In our ecosystem you can apply as a resident be introduced to various large Venture Capital funds.

You are a service provider or a university. You offer most cutting edge services or courses targeted at high growth startups? With your specific tech profile in mind, CO.STATION selects service providers and community leaders to supply  and interact with tomorrow’s leading companies.

You are an investor looking for a landing platform to stop over and meet your next investment opportunity over a cup of coffee; CO.STATION has a dedicated workspace for you.

More and more forward-leaning corporations consider innovation as a strategic imperative.
By enabling early identification, CO.STATION helps mature companies get access to innovative products and talents.

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  • Alexandre Saboundjian
    CEO/Radionomy founder

    When we built Radionomy, it was often a long and uphill struggle.  And the battle really begins as your company starts to scale-up and wants to span across continents.
    To allow all the talent in Europe to really ditch its 'training wheels' and get in the innovation race, we need people who can make connections for the entrepreneurs - people who can offer them access to skills, talent and also to capital. That is what the team at CO.STATION brings to the table.

  • Stavros Therianos
    CEO of Diagnoplex SA

    Colorectal cancer is the 2nd most important. We developed a blood-based test based on technology and a unique algorithm. Our goal is now to make this non invasive solution available everywhere. CO.STATION allows this dream to come true, through their fund raising (16M$) and operational support to help us expand globally

  • Xavier Damman
    Cofounder of @Storify (acquired by @Livefyre in 2013)

    Expanding your startup to Europe? Looking for a central place with easy access to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and where you can rent a shared office space with other great startups? CO.STATION is all you need.

  • Jurgen Ingels
    Founder and CFO of Clear2Pay

    When I founded Clear2Pay, one of the key challlenges was the ability to scale rapidly on an international level. By providing an eco-system for innovative technology companies, as well as access to capital and professional guidance, CO.STATION will help such companies overcome their challenges and succeed in an ever global economy

  • Ines JURISIC
    Executive Director, TIE Brussels

    Co.Station’s contribution made our vision a reality by helping to host 2 ICT Trade Mission events in April, in an environment as beautiful and professional as the Co.Station space.
    We are all so grateful for the awesome, creative and inspiring community we got to know and interact on these occasions. I am so thankful for my team!

Executive team

Paul Stasse
Chief Executive Officer
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Edouard Cambier
Chief Community Officer
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Tanguy Peers
Business Development Officer
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Marie-Noëlle Keijzer
Chief Knowledge Officer
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Thibaut Claes
Partnerships Manager
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Paul Stasse- Chief Executive Officer

Paul excels at making teams work together. He launched Bloomdesk, a SaaS solution, but ultimately prefers build teams and people networks, rather than products. Having long evangelized the concept of “collaborative value creation”, Paul Co-founded CO.STATION as the physical manifestation of his believes. Before starting this enterprise, Paul has over 20 years experience in real estate and has worked internationally on large office, retail & mixed-use projects in design and project management.

“Crystallising the energy of a community in a building causes interaction between people. One single meeting can make an idea flourish, start a success story and change the world”.

Paul Stasse

Edouard Cambier - Chief Community Officer

In charge of operations and business development.

Recognized entrepreneur, Edouard accelerated Seed Factory, in 2000, a leading co-working space for the communication Industry. This successful ecosystem inspired him to continue supporting growing companies to innovate and transcend their own boundaries.

“I want to put Belgium back on the world map and make CO.STATION the innovation platform for this. I am like my 2 sons, passionate about technology.”

Edouard Cambier

Tanguy Peers - Business Development Officer

Based in our San-Francisco office, acting as liaison the US & Europe.

After leading the acquisition of by eBay, Tanguy build and eBay Advertising.
Co-founder of b2build, an award winning online marketplace Tanguy also launched the US operations of

“I love scaling companies globally, bringing the right people together between US and Europe. I also want to give back to my home country, Belgium.”

Tanguy Peers

Thierry de Molinari - CFO

Manages the partnerships with venture capital globally.

Thierry is an expert in raising funds for fast-growing companies, he will also facilitate business development between Europe & Middle East.

“I’m excited to start a visionary platform allowing value creation for the European economy. Transforming innovative startups into fast growing success stories is what  I love doing.”

Thierry de Molinari

Marie-Noëlle Keijzer - Chief Knowledge Officer

Defines the content strategy and manages the communication.

Social-entrepreneur combining a corporate and NGO track record.

“After 18 years in leading positions for multinationals, I realize 2 areas need most attention: 1) protecting the planet and 2) creating jobs in Europe for our children today and tomorrow. In 2009, I launched to halt global warming, I’m now ready to focus on the second challenge: provide lasting value to companies for them to create jobs.”

Marie-Noëlle Keijzer

Thibaut - Partnerships Manager

Thibaut is in charge of the coordination with our members and with other national & international incubator and accelerator networks. He has in depth and hands on incubator experience having managed and lead programs over the last 2 years.

Sara - Office manager

Sara takes care of all the logistics of the facility to make sure the daily lives of our members & residents is a smooth and pleasant experience


We are so central its obvious!
Address: 5 Parvis Sainte-Gudule, 1000 Brussels, Belgium


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