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CoffeeStation in 6 questions

Hi Alfonso!

You are the owner of L’Atelier du Fresh, the heart of CoffeeStation at Co.Station Brussels. Tell us how it happened.

Alfonso: It all started when two gentlemen came to my salad bar, ‘Fresh Bar’, in Rue Ravenstein. Fresh Bar is a salad bar with a self-service buffet concept. They asked if I would be interested in developing a food concept in a company building.

I invited them to try my buffet. When they were done eating I joined them at their table to hear their opinion. Their verdict: visit the facilities at Co.Station and set-up as soon as possible.

My two visitors were non other than Baudouin de Troostembergh and Olivier Viaud.

It took 1 month after that visit to become operational. CoffeeStation was born! A short time to get started to be sure, and with hard work and optimism, we continue moving forward on the right track. I believe!

Where does the concept of L’Atelier du Fresh come from?

Alfonso: The concept is a copy/paste of the ‘Fresh Bar’ which I have led for 16 1/2 years.

What kind of products do you use? Is there a philosophy behind your culinary approach?

Alfonso: We try, as much as possible, to use seasonal, fresh and local products. I personally buy our ingredients at mabru, the early morning market of Brussels.

What services do you offer?

Alfonso: We start the day with breakfast staples. For lunch we offer sandwiches as well as our signature self-service buffet lunch, which we prepare daily. We also offer afternoon snacks.

We propose a home-cooked meal type of cuisine, with fresh and seasonal ingredients, rich in Mediterranean flavors, with a few other suggestions for variety. All our products are treated with the utmost respect: the vegetables are steam-cooked in order to keep all vitamins, meats and poultry are prepared in the oven at low temperature or temperature at heart.

The buffet offers a big advantage: you compose your plate according to your desires and you pay by weight…

In addition, the Fresh atelier is also a catering service for events, receptions and meetings at Co.Station. A full-service food concept.

How important is good food to work?

Alfonso: Eat healthy for a healthy body and mind!

Tell us a bit about your team.

Alfonso: From the start of this adventure I have aimed to build a team that works in harmony in a friendly atmosphere. The team has five members: two of my associates, Rosanna and Rosario, Lumi and Sarah, and me, Alfonso.

Thank you, Alfonso!

Bon Appétit!