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Kristof Pinnoo: a new face at Co.Station Gent

Hello! My name is Kristof Pinnoo and I joined the Co.Station Gent team at the beginning of the year. #CS9K

My background

After my studies as an electronics engineer, I started the Management trainee program at Proximus. This allowed me to get to know already many aspects of the company in my (brief) career. Starting in the TV engineering team, I worked as an architect examining new developments and innovative solutions in the media domain. After that, I moved to the Enterprise IT department, managing cross-department programs.

My current role

As part of the partnership of Proximus, I work in the Co.Station Gent team now. Next to the day-to-day activities and assuring the success of CS9K, I’ll focus on the IT (and related) needs of the scale-ups. Next to that, I’ll work out the synergies between Co.Station and Proximus, and act as Co.Station Gent-Proximus liaison.

Free time

In my free time, I do ballroom and latin dancing with my girlfriend Laura, or go for the occasional swim. Going out with my friends or girlfriend are very important for me. The remaining time is spend following up on new technologies and electronics, in all domains.
Feel free to come and have a chat with me about any of my interests or hobbies!

Looking forward to meeting you all in the coming weeks!