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Wouter Remaut, new CEO of Co.Station Brussels & Co.Station Gent

Brussels, 11 January 2017 – The Boards of Directors of Co.Station Brussels and Co.Station Gent, have decided on the appointment of its new CEO, Wouter Remaut with a start date of 2 January. In this function, Wouter becomes responsible of the daily management of Co.Station sites in Brussels and Ghent and the potential expansion of Co.Station as main growth platform for technology scale-ups in Belgium. Co.Station’s  ambition is to become the leader for scaling tech businesses in Belgium by creating a bridge between scale-ups and corporates and providing those scale-ups in our ecosystem with the tools they need to excel, innovate and grow. In doing so, Co.Station will foster entrepreneurship in Belgium and create value add for corporates and scale-ups alike.

Wouter has a Master’s Degree in Law from the University of Ghent and a complementary Master ‘s Degree in Private International Law from ULB. He began his career in 2000 at BNP Paribas Fortis where he worked in various departments.

“Helping companies and entrepreneurs bring their projects to live has always been one of my priorities throughout my career”, explains Wouter Remaut. “It is with great enthusiasm that I take up this new challenge, to symbolize the link between scale-ups and the academic and business worlds. More than ever I want Co.Station, in collaboration with the shareholders, to play a pioneering role in stimulating entrepreneurship and innovation in the Belgian technology sector.”

Wouter Remaut succeeds Olivier Viaud. In a period of two years, Olivier, one of  the founders of Co.Station Brussels, made the company grow into one of the main communities for Belgian start-ups and scale-ups. After two years devoted to the company’s development, he has decided to focus on other projects. Olivier will stay in the company as member of the Board of Directors:

“I was fortunate to create Co.Station Brussels with BNP Paribas Fortis, first as CFO, then as CEO”, explains Olivier Viaud. “I am proud to have contributed to the development of this company’ poised to have a great future. For me, the time has come to refocus on other projects while continuing to support Co.Station in its growth.”

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