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Special DriveNow offer for the Co.Station Community 

Drive 300 BMW & MINI in Brussels!

Good news! Co.Station and DriveNow Carsharing are teaming up to provide the entire Co.Station community with a free registration (instead of 29 €)! With DriveNow you can drive one of the 300 BMW & MINI from A to B and drop-off the car anywhere in Brussels within the 59 kmbusiness area.

You can come and meet the DriveNow team and register for free in the Co.Station CofeeStation on the following days during lunch time:

  • Thursday 9th March 11:30 – 13:30
  • Thursday 23rd March 11:30 – 13:30

You will be able to register directly with one of the team member and even receive your customer card straight away. You are then ready to Drive!

How to Register?

Register for free via this special link: www.drive-now.com/costation

After you have completed the registration form online, you will have to send a photo of your driving license, your ID card and your credit card and you will then receive your customer card at home! If you visit us on the 9th March or 23rd March, you can register and receive your customer card straight away.

Why register?

  • One-time free registration
  • No monthly or yearly fees
  • Drive a BMW or MINI for 33 ct/min
  • All-in: fuel, insurance, parking, taxes
  • Drive to Brussels Airport (average cost from Co.Station to Airport: 17€)
  • No designate drop off points. Park the car wherever you want in our business area.
  • 300 BMW & MINI at your disposal in Brussels
  • Simply combine it with other mobility services to get from A to B efficiently

How does it work?

DriveNow is the free floating carsharing service provided by BMW i, MINI and SIXT and offers its customers flexible and easy access to 300 BMW & MINI. DriveNow customers simply choose one of the BMW or MINI in Brussels, slip behind the wheel and use the car for as long as they want.

As a DriveNow customer, you can simply find BMW or MINI close to you using the DriveNow app. Drive for 33 ct/min (e.g. from home to your office, meeting or restaurant), park the car at any public parking spot for FREE and end the rental wherever and whenever you want! Everything is included: fuel, parking, insurance and taxes!

Discover the fun of driving – whenever you want, wherever you want. Discover DriveNow.

For more information please visit our website: be.drive-now.com