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Co.Station is hiring a Village Director!

Co.Station is looking for a Village Director! 


Co.Station is a leading company for scaling tech businesses in Belgium, by creating a bridge between scale-ups and corporates and providing those scale-ups in our ecosystem with the tools they need to excel, innovate and grow. Co.Station’s mission is to foster entrepreneurship in Belgium and create value add for corporates and scale-ups alike.

Co.Station’s offering includes Villages, consisting of state-of-the-art offices, meeting and conference rooms, and all related services to comfortably grow your business from our premises; as well as a wide range of scale-up assistance and talent development programs. Furthermore, the Co.Station community offers a wide network, both internally and through its corporate shareholders.

Co.Station has premises in multiple Belgian cities and is looking for a Village Director for its Brussels’ village. Each station is different, having a distinct flavor, its own ecosystem of local scale-ups, entrepreneurs and vibe. Therefore we are looking for a modern and flexible manager, because this is not your average corporate job.



The Village Director will for all practical matters be the General Manager of the Co.Station in Brussels . Managing a team of 2 persons, she/he will provide strong leadership, and be able to give clear direction and guidance to the local team. The Village Director reports to the Co.Station Management Team, and together with them defines the strategy and policy for the Brussels Village. The Village Director is the final responsible for its own Station for all commercial matters (attracting new scale-ups), local network (politics, academia and corporates), facility matters (building issues, company-restaurant, infrastructure, cleaning). In coordination with the central marketing team, the Village Director shall also define an agenda of events and PR engagement to respond to the local needs and community.

With each Co.Station having its own budget and commercial objectives, the Village Director will furthermore be in charge of its own budget, financial and cash flow plan which he will report to the CEO, CFO and Board of Directors on a regular basis.

We are looking for a F/M/X with:

  • Master’s degree
  • Proven management experience
  • Entrepreneurship running through its veins
  • Proven commercial talent
  • Experience in the start-up/scale-up world is a serious plus
  • Tech-geek vibes
  • Community-builder skills between the Co.Station residents
  • Sound financial skills and experience in budgets
  • Strong networking acumen
  • Highly independent
  • Trilingual (NL/FR/EN)
  • Creative problem solving skills
  • All the basic skills we assume anybody should have (time-management, good communicator, fluent public speaker and so on)
  • A nice personality and a generally cool girl/guy, after all we will be working together intimately
  • Experience in playing Pool/table soccer/cards/videogames… is considered as an advantage, to mark your territory as the Director in the many competitions we host



  • An extremely dynamic and diverse job, within a young company with a start-up mentality
  • In one off the coolest office spaces in Belgium
  • A great team to support you in your tasks
  • A competitive reward package
  • A highly dynamic, experienced and senior Management Team to help you develop professionally
  • The opportunity to help shape the scale-up scene in Belgium
  • A vast corporate network through the corporate shareholders



Send your CV and a short motivation letter to Eugenia Forcat