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F.Initiatives: the experts in innovation funding

The “Co.Station Resident of the Week” is F.Initiatives

Interview with Jean-Charles Carrot-Dulac, Country Manager Belgium


What is the core business? Who is working on the project?

Initiatives is a leading fiscal consultancy expert dedicated solely to valuing and financing innovation activities through R&D tax incentives and schemes as well as R&D grant programs (from regionals to internationals), which means supporting companies of all sizes to optimize their R&D budgets (on both taxes and finance sides).

For non-financial minds, F.Initiatives helps companies, whether it is a local start-up or a global company, to have better treasury. They work on one hand on business taxation, such as tax incentives in Belgium. On the other hand, they guide companies to obtain public grants in R&D projects. These can be European, as Horizon 2020, or local Belgian programs.

There are 700 employees based in Western Europe, North and South America and, currently, 5 employees in Belgium.

When did it start? How did the business evolve since its creation?

F.Intiatives was created 20 years ago in France. Nowadays, the company is based on 3 continents. After developing two key countries in Europe (France and Spain), we opened North and South America. At the same time new European offices were launched.

What is your biggest achievement?

Enabling F.Initiatives to become the leader in the Brazilian market after 4 years of market presence is a real success given the Brazilian context. The country has very complex tax regulations, already matured actors and a lack of trust. Today, F.Initiatives has 30% of the market shares.

What are your needs? Why did you choose Co.Station?

For starters, we need friendly regulatory conditions to encourage R&D activities for the public & private sector at national level. In addition, we need a strong R&D ecosystem at local level.

F.Initiatives chose to come to Co.Station for “the start-up spirit and innovative and technology-focused environment. We really value the eco-system, the good vibes and the networking possibilities in the Co.Station community. F.Initiatives starts “from zero” when settling in a new country, that is what we are doing in Belgium right now: starting as a start-up. We want to keep this spirit for each new office we open because each location must be self-sufficient.

How do you plan to grow your business?

It is quite simple: to provide high-quality service with top-notch expertise for all our customers.

What is the main challenge for your company at the moment?

Be identified on the market as the best player in our sector now in the future.

What is the main asset of your company?

Our team.