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BNP Paribas International Hackathon: Meet the Finalists (1)


Co.Station will be organising the 2017 edition of the BNP Paribas International Hackathon, that will take place 9-11 June 2017 at our Brussels village.

We did our homework and we are glad to present you the teams selected for each theme! BNP Paribas Fortis is focusing the hacks of the event around 4 different themes:

  • New ways of interacting with clients (B2C)
  • Offer new e-services to our Wealth & Private banking clients (B2C)
  • Internet of things & Sharing Economy: how will they transform equipment assets/finance? (B2B)
  • Companies simply do only use 10% of their brain

For the 1st theme – New ways of interacting with clients (B2C) – the finalists are:

PayKey enables bank customers to send and receive money through any social application/platform, creating an additional button on the keyboard that allows to exchange money on any social platform. Their technology is based on the fact that phone numbers are connected to bank accounts, thus, find any user anywhere. They allow peer to peer money exchange and banking functionalities in any social platform and allowing the bank to have the Highest engagement 24/7.

Hey is a widget that can be added to any website and can allow visitors to interact between them. With Hey the users of the websites interact with each other and can help each other in an honest way. Hey is really a mix between a live chat, a FAQ and a forum that you could potentially add on any website. started out of frustration with manuals made with PDF and youtube videos. They both have limitations in terms of screen size, language translations, device and type of job.

The solution is to create a SAAS platform to create manuals, tools and anything that is a combination of text and images. Their idea is to make the creation and the reading very easy and do so without spending several thousands of euros of design or production.

SAY (Safe Payment)

SAY (Safe Payment) is a new payment vocal chatbot designed to support and make easier the payment process for blind and visually impaired people. They will ensure that the Speech Recognition AI combined with the Fingerprint technology will make the difference compared to classic chatbots. SAY will be a safe and easy to use vocal chatbot designed to evolve and grow following the user’s needs.

Elderlinked offers to elderly who suffer from memory losses and confusion, a reminder and warning solution that can help them to live more serenely at home and therefore to delay their departure to a nursing home.The Elderlinked box is plugged into the TV and works without requesting any interaction from the elderly, offering a wide range of services and possibilities.

ibanity is a SDK and an account aggregation API that lets developers build awesome financial products.


Read our blog posts to find out details about the other BNP Paribas International Hackathon finalists and keep an eye on our social media channels!