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BNP Paribas International Hackathon: Meet the Finalists (3)

Co.Station will be organising the 2017 edition of the BNP Paribas International Hackathon, that will take place 9-11 June 2017 at our Brussels village.

We did our homework and we are glad to present you the teams selected for each theme! BNP Paribas Fortis is focusing the hacks of the event around 4 different themes:

  • New ways of interacting with clients (B2C)
  • Offer new e-services to our Wealth & Private banking clients (B2C)
  • Internet of things & Sharing Economy: how will they transform equipment assets/finance? (B2B)
  • Companies simply do only use 10% of their brain

For the 3rd theme – Internet of Things & Sharing Economy (B2B) – the finalists are:

ASAS helps you keep tabs on home maintenance before a small issue becomes a big problem and create a new relation with your insurance to personalize your insurance policy. Business Insider Intelligence estimates there will be nine billion IoT (Internet of Things) devices worldwide by 2018. This Internet connection into essentially any physical object will have some important implications for the insurance companies over the next decade.

What if your walls could tell you they are losing heat, or your roof could report a potential leak before a storm hits? What if you could catch a leak under the sink before a pipe burst? Over time, this could mean that insurance as we know it — a model built around reactive claims — could shift to a model that’s built around prevention. asas is in the vanguard of this change.

Carfixer is using the smartphone’s ubiquity to power a platform that creates values to fleet managers & car body shops around them by streamlining the damage appraisal service.

Carfixer alleviates two fleet managers ‘pains: (1) finding the best repair services in case of a colleague’s car accident takes time & usually costly; (2) setting-up a damage appraisal at the change of driver or before the restitution of the car to the leasing company is complex & costly.

Kudujad is an IoT Platform that connects all your gadgets to one app for FREE. Forever. Using our 10 years of real life expertise and global IoT network to make IoT usable for end-users. Kudujad is an appStore for IoT. It’s an horizontal platform to accommodate IoT apps for any vertical: homes, buildings, health care, elderly care, infrastructure, transportation, etc. Technically it allows you to use your phone as a remote control for compatible IoT devices using a raspberry pi as a gateway. You install the app on your phone, you connect to a locally set Raspeberry pi and then by itself, it will find any compatible device and allow you to use them through your phone. Their business model is to charge registration of IoT device on the Kudujad platform. They inted to make the use for users for free.

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