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Wanting to mobilise people within, towards or around your startup? Call Co-Vibes!

The “Co.Station Resident of the Week” is Co-Vibes. 

Interview with Joris Van Droogenbroeck, co-founder Co-Vibes and Heleen De Smet, Vibe Catalyst.

What is the core business? Who is working on the project?

Co-vibes helps startups mobilizing people. They help them with their communication and marketing campaigns to make them visible. Co-Vibes works on projects, but the red wire is mobilizing people whether it is in communication, in HR, or even on sustainability.

“Unique for Co-Vibes is that we deliver those services with people on a crossroad in their career, while incubating their talent. Our first incubator is The Young Vibes, a track of 6 months that gives graduates the opportunity to gain work experience whilst being supported by Co-Vibes. We use the power of youngsters (creative & unbiased view, youthful enthusiasm) and translate them into added value for organisations. Our second vibe, The Twisting Vibes is created for people who gained some work experience but want to twist from career in order to work more closely aligned with their talents. For organisations, this results in a flexible and cost-efficient way to spice up their business.”

“We are now with a core team of 4: the two founders, Joris & Ronny, and two Vibe Catalysts, Mart & Heleen. Furthermore, every month new Young & Twisting Vibes come and go”. In total, at this moment, you can count 13 people in Co-Vibes team.

When did it start? How did the business evolve since its creation?

“It all started on the 1st of October 2014, a nice autumn afternoon on a terrace in the city centre of Antwerp, where Joris and Ronny met each other. They started a weekly exchange of ideas that resulted in founding Co-Vibes in February 2015. In September 2015 the first batch of The Young Vibes started. Since then, more than 20 Young Vibes followed the program and more than 30 organisations worked with us.”

What is your biggest achievement?

Co-Vibes is a young startup with a new business model. Setting it up, making it happen, doing it with more than 30 companies (at the moment), having more than 20 young people in the program were the real successes up till now.

What are your needs?

“As organisation we are now ready to further scale up. Being recognized as a valuable service provider in the challenges of start-ups – with entrepreneurial and rebellious solutions – is what we need in order to make it happen.”

Why did you choose Co.Station?

Since our projects are across Belgium, Brussels is the way to go for us. We love the fact that it is close to the station and see the various events as a great way to get in touch with like-minded people. “ Indeed, Co-Vibes works with people from all over the country, Brussels was central for everyone. They can also benefit from Co.Station community in setting up new contacts and collaborations. Other residents this goes out for you! Co-Vibes, thanks to its unique model can offer services at sharp prices and work in a flexible model.

How do you plan to grow your business?

Co-Vibes is currently working with two generations: the youngsters and people who want a switch in their career. Both these aspects are up and running, it is now a matter of scaling it up! The next step, which should be taken by the end of the year is to work with end of career people, meaning 50 and plus.

For Co-Vibes, there are a lot of opportunities in mixing the work between the generations, and mostly making the service even more valuable.

What is the main challenge for your company at the moment?

“Converting the great enthusiasm we experience within the market for our approach into contracts and long-lasting partnerships. “

What is the main asset of your company?

Our unique model that enables us to deliver refreshing high-quality and cost efficient services while at the same incubating talent on a crossroad in their career. “