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Co-Station’s impact on global warming

Co.Station proudly presents the latest report on the trees we planted in 2016. We have demonstrated our commitment to environmental sustainability with the support of WeForest, an organisation that is providing a simple and easy solution to act on societal issues such as global warming, poverty and water scarcity.

The social and environmental changes have taken place in three different countries. In Tanzania, the goal was to replant trees that had been cleared to produce charcoal. In Zambia, WeForest wants to reverse/fight deforestation. Finally, the aim in India is to help the Khasi community to restore their forest. Co.Station input can be counted with the 500 trees planted in Tanzania, 5,974 trees in Zambia and 26 trees in India.

Trees are a universal engagement tool. You can continue to help this organisation make a difference and stay aware of the social responsibility of our structure.

You can read the full report from WeForest on the improvements born since this action was launched. Moreover, you can check the maps of India and Zambia that show where the trees are planted and help you discover the local stories.