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Meet our new colleagues!

Yes, you have seen right: there are a few new faces at Co.Station. Their names are Emelie and Hans, and they have joined the Co.Station teams in Gent and Brussels respectively. They are eager to meet you and help you succeed. So don’t hesitate to stop and chat with them at the corridor, come and meet them at their desk or, why not join the next AperoStation in Brussels (21st September – you can register here) and share a drink with us? 

Emelie Colman

Gent Office Manager

Hans Chys

Brussels Village Director

In her own words

“I am Emelie and I’m the Office Manager at Ghent starting August 2017. I live in Ghent, together with two men, my husband Stef and a badass rabbit named Olaf!

I have always been interested in how to grow and build a business. Even as a little kid, I was already trying to scale my little fruit store into a supermarket, but big retail was playing against me!

As a caring person, I will always​ try to go the extra mile to make the resident-experience perfect.I hope my desk will be a safe haven for all the residents going through the startup storm and I’m looking forward to be part of this vibrant community!”

In his own words

“Born an engineer and passionate about (new) technology, I lived a career as liaison between the tech-world and the marketing/sales world (mainly within Belgacom/Proximus).

As four-fold father with ‘more or less adult’ children, the millennial generation has little secrets for me.

As of September, my new mission as Village Director is to drive Co.Station Brussels into an even more vibrant community, enabling growth for the resident companies at the same time”


Join us in welcoming Emelie and Hans and…don’t hesitate to check our Job Board and to send us your CV. Who knows?! You can be the next one! 🙂