As a start | scale up you want to grow your business.

As a mid | large companies you want to learn how to stay in a top position & become more competitive.

Co.Station offers you the opportunity to network with your peers and help you build and maintain the capacity to innovate.

Impossible for one to achieve long term success without a network. Our community is diverse and ever growing. A community to meet both peers – people like you -, and those keen to help you grow, succeed and innovate in the Belgian Digital Ecosystem. 

With an extensive national community of entrepreneurs, startups, scaleups and mid-large companies, a comprehensive international network of experts, and a local presence – with villages in Brussels, Gent, Charleroi and Antwerp – Co.Station is the natural bridge between startups and companies.


Structure your business

Our goal is to give a strong boost, encourage you to focus on growing your business and we have many tools to guide you in that road, are you ready? We strive to know you, and understand the difficulties you face. 

We can help you move in the right direction and meet the right people. We want to facilitate your access to information, different perspectives, opinions, industries and funds.

At Co.Station we pledge to connect you and your out-of-the-box thinking with professional’s know-how. And also to have fun, lots of fun!



Unleash your creativity

Co.Station’s innovation programs will boost your external innovation, provide you with practical insights and connections and positively affect your brand and reputation. Our Innovation Services provide a structured approach for organizations to build new perspectives, capture value and grow.

Co.Station has built a large community of motivated startups and scaleups, providing us with the reach and understanding required to connect you with today’s innovators, and making scouting one of our strengths. 

Our goal is to help you build and maintain the capacity to innovate.