Who is Proximus EnCo

Proximus EnCo makes data and micro-services from Proximus and third parties available via API’s to developers, independent software suppliers and businesses to stimulate the development of digital innovations.

The EnCo platform has been designed in an open and agnostic way to facilitate the integration and monetization of microservices, API’s and applications of partners whose solutions resonate strongly with the Telco, IoT, Cloud and Big Data themes.

To date, partners such as Microsoft Azure, AllThingsTalk and Waylay have already joined the EnCo platform, others are in the integration phase.

EnCo stands for Enabling Companies, Enjoy Coding, And Company & Coders. We are a Proximus internal Start-up, the team is composed of business developers, product managers, community manager and our own Software Factory.

Why EnCo and Co.Station

As Proximus invested in Co.Station, we wanted to add a new concrete and practical area of collaboration to the story. Co.Station’s mission on accelerating Scale-Ups and EnCo’s focus on innovation and disruptive projects is the obvious cornerstone of our collaboration.

What is the scope of our collaboration

Our collaboration is articulated around the following building blocks:

The Proximus EnCo Nights

Every two months, join us at Co.Station for an inspiring session to learn about API usage, IoT use cases, telco and big data technologies which can accelerate your projects.

Learn from what others have done, and most importantly: let’s meet in person over a (free) drink, and get to know each other!

We care about your visibility

Are you using our assets? We’d be glad to showcase you during one of our EnCo Nights. A community is made for sharing!

The EnCo Marketplace being opened to partners, why not join it to sell your solution and thereby not only gain an additional monetization channel, but visibility to Proximus’ customers and partners? 

Speaking about visibility… We’d be glad to showcase innovative scale-ups who are using our technology in some of Proximus’ customer events. How is that for a boost in visibility?

Think you are the right candidate? Come and meet us at the next Proximus EnCo Night!