Co.Station creates innovative workspaces gathering tech startups, scaleups and companies with one business goal: Grow Together! While entrepreneurs are looking for growthcompanies are looking for inspiration and innovation! At Co.Station, we encourage and nurture innovation ecosystem because we’re convinced that open innovation drives a prosperous society. Thanks to our wide and thriving community, we bring together different parties to solve complex business and societal challenges in an efficient way.


Our Services

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We provide innovative workspaces in Brussels, Gent and Charleroi helping startups, scaleups, entrepreneurs and companies to grow their business together. At Co.Station, you benefit from a collaborative, inspiring and flexible offices to have a productive day, host a big meeting or simply grab a beer after work!


Innovation Ecosystems

Our main purpose is to encourage & nurture Open Innovation Ecosystems because we believe that open innovation drives a prosperous society. At Co.Station, we bring together different parties to solve complex business and societal challenges in an efficient way.


They Talk About Us

Jannes NysJannes NysCo-Founder at Boltzmann

We heard about Co.Station, that it’s full of startups and when we first came here, we thought that if we wanted to go somewhere, this was the right place! In here, you can build your network thanks to the diversity of companies. If you’re looking for something specific, you just have to cross the hall. Also, Co.Station is connected to BNP so that’s very attractive!

Co.Station Gent

Maarten LanduydtMaarten LanduydtCo-founder of Skryv

The location is crucial for us but also the contacts we make here. I think Co.Station is a really great place to be, nice environment, it’s inspiring, you feel the buzz, that people are working and things are getting done.

Co.Station Brussels

Michael RossiMichael RossiBusiness Developer at Hack Belgium.

The atmosphere and energy around is really great here at Co.Station. We can talk and test some ideas with people coming from different sectors. In a professional way, it’s very interesting. Sometimes, we even feel like working in a big company!

Co.Station Brussels

They Trust Us

Our global partners

Co.Station | Global Partner: BNP Paribas Fortis
Co.Station | Global Partner: Proximus
Co.Station | Global Partner: SDWorx
Co.Station | Global Partner: Solvus
Co.Station | Global Partner: Befimmo

Our innovation partners

Co.Station | Innovation Partner: Accenture
Co.Station | Innovation Partner: Cresco