By Audrey Carbonel | January 9, 2018

Co.Station chooses Béatrice de Mahieu as Chief Innovation Officer

As from today Béatrice De Mahieu (Virtuology Academy, Pimento Map, Internet Attitude, Ambassify) is to take up the position of Chief Innovation Officer with Co.Station Belgium. With this appointment Co.Station Belgium – the campus where start-ups, corporates and SMEs work closely together around innovation and growth – is choosing for an entrepreneur and investment expert with a wealth of experience with medium-sized tech companies (Telenet, Microsoft) and media groups (Vlan group, Elle België). With the appointment of Béatrice de Mahieu and the opening of a third campus in Charleroi soon (after Brussels and Ghent), there can be no doubt about Co. Station Belgium’s commitment to scaling up Belgium’s tech companies. A goal in which it is supported by partners BNP Paribas Fortis, SD Worx, Proximus and USG.

In her new position, Béatrice will assist both SMEs and corporates in implementing their innovation pathways. She will also help companies to innovative in an open manner in which cooperation between partners, whether corporates, SMEs or start-ups, is central. In this way CO.Station Belgium aims to contribute as a strategic partner to the growth and innovation of its customers.

Since she launched her career in 1999 Béatrice has worked with a number of major companies   (Telenet, Microsoft) and media groups (Vlan groep, Elle België), contributing to their development and growth strategy.

As an investment expert, since 2012 Béatrice has been a member of the board of experts  of one of Belgium’s leading investment funds, Internet Attitude.

Béatrice co-founded the Virtuology Academey dedicated to training in innovation and entrepreuneurship and was in charge of its management since 2003. She also helped develop the Pimento Map, a tool for the validation of business models. Béatrice has been active as coach and mentor for start-ups, accompanying them in their search for investors, development of strategy and continued growth.

“In recent years I have seen how Belgium has changed as a country of enterpreneurshup,”   explains Béatrice de Mahieu. “Today’s young people want to take their future in their own hands and recent years have seen a record number of start-ups of new Belgian tech companies. If these businesses are to continue to grow and to innovate, it is vital for them to be part of a wider ecosystem alongside larger companies and SMEs.  I look forward to working with the Co.Station Belgium team in helping to ensure a fruitful cross-fertilization within this ecosystem of companies from the Belgian tech sector and to supporting them in their growth and search for digital renewal.”  

“Sharing knowledge and working on the growth of our start-up and scale-up community were crucial in recent years for the success of  Co.Station Belgium,” says CEO Wouter Remaut. “I am convinced that Béatrice’s expertise will ensure that Co.Station is able to better play its role as innovation facilitator and that Co.Station Belgium will be able to grow into the preferred partner of Belgium’s most ambitious tech scale-ups and corporates that are open to cooperation with fledgling entrepreneurs.”