By Audrey Carbonel | July 2, 2018


From 23 to 25 May 2018, Co.Station and BNP Paribas Fortis organized an Innovation Trip inviting 60 customers, companies, start-ups and public organisations to Paris. ✨ 

Climb aboard our innovation trip by following our 1st day!


On the way to Vivatech the largest gathering of hightech, startups, leaders and entrepreneurs in Paris! 

10:00 – Vivatech

The first two groups, Mobility and Urban Planning, went to the RATP stand to meet 12 different companies. The Mobility group heard pitches made by Snubs, Citodi, EVA, Forcity, Mobility and JustBip  . While Urban Planning listened to WiseBimBloc in BlocLevelS3DBimchain, Air Parrot and Snapkin.

At the same time, the Utilities group had a design thinking workshop and an initiatives startup tour with SAP.


12:00 – Lunch break

We crossed the street to have lunch at Brasserie Dupont de Versailles and then we had some time to visit Vivatech on our own. 

14:30 – Floor Tour

A team from L’atelier curated a list of startups presenting innovative, out of the box, disruptive ideas in Fin Tech, Health Tech, Risk and mobility, Smart cities,… among many and took groups of 10 people to visit 3 different startups. We had the chance to listen to their pitch and ask them questions to better understand their concept. 

19:00 – KEYNOTE

Frank Claeys, Head of Commercial Banking Belgium, delivered the welcome words to all and introduced the first Keynote an inspiring talk by Alain Tedaldi, Délégué général Institut Esprit Service entitled « Cities ? Smart maybe … but especially Human » 

We had the opportunity to listen to a team of analysts from L’Atelier BNP Paribas. Yoni Abittan, PhD Head of Acceleration with Academics & Senior Digital Strategy Analyst, Stéphane Leguet, Digital Strategic Analyst (Accelerating innovation) and Julien Rousset, Junior Strategic Analyst co-presented the keynote « Smart cities 2025 challenges and opportunities ». 

We concluded the evening with a buffet diner and lively conversation between speakers, customers, companies, start-ups and public organisations.

Let’s boost digital innovation together!

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