By Audrey Carbonel | July 5, 2018


From 23 to 25 May 2018, Co.Station and BNP Paribas Fortis organized an innovation trip inviting 60 customers, companies, start-ups and public organisations to Paris. ✨

Climb aboard our innovation trip by following our 2nd journey!


Because it all starts with a breakfast. Check out. Luggage storage. 

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Utilities & Mobility Groups went to Fort d’Issy

10:00 – Smart Building Alliance

Both groups, listened to the talk « Rethinking our buildings and our territories with digital » 

given by François Emmanuel – President of Smart Building Alliance for Smart Cities : SBA


The Utilities group met Luc Francis Jacobs and Lionel Anciaux founding partners of IOT Factory to discuss about « IOT in Smartcity » 

At the same time, the Mobility Group was at Fort d’Issy to meet the startup BienVEnu –  a simple solution of electric charging stations in collective housing that also offers a car-sharing service through self-serving vehicles.

12:30 – Lunch break

We all enjoyed a healthy and tasty lunch at La Poudrière. 

14:00 – Fort d’Issy

Both groups visited Fort d’Issy – the testbed for smart mobility in Issy-les-Moulineaux with feature such as shared parking space, a smartphone app providing real-time information on bus movements and self-service electric vehicles. We discovered their smart strategy, their geothermal project and pneumatic waste collection. 

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Urban Planning enjoyed a day in Cité Descartes

10:00 – Paris Region Entreprise

Marc Knoll, Project Director of Paris Region Entreprise, gave the welcome word and presented the program 

10:15 – Descartes Développement

Jean-Christophe de Tauzia, Director of Descartes Développement, introduced the project and main programs of Descartes Developpement.

10:45 – EpaMarne / EpaFrance

Mathieu Monier, chef de project attractivité économique et territoriale EpaMarne, explained how they are building the city of tomorrow by presenting the new urban project of Cité Descartes, Descartes21 an industrial demonstrator for the sustainable city and upcoming urban projects: Ecocité2.

11:15 – Sense-City

Then, the Urban Planning group had the chance to visit Sense-City, a climate chamber for prototyping and performance evaluation of micro and nano-sensors for the sustainable city and presentation of other programs launched by IFSTTAR, the French institut for science and technology for transport, development and networks.

12:00 – Lunch Break

14:00 – Paris Region Entreprise

Marc Knoll and Sevinç Ar presented the initiatives of Paris Region Entreprise – the agency in charge of attracting and supporting international companies to set-up business in the paris region.

14:30 – IAU-IDF

Daniel Thépin and Nicolas Laruelle introduced the urban planning initiatives in Paris Region.

The Paris Region Urban and Environmental Agency is dedicated to territorial entities, offering analysis, studies and decision making tools. More than 200 experts are working on urban planning and land management, environment, transport and mobility, economy, housing, real estate,etc. enabling the development of the capital’s region. The IAU focuses on the regional planning and economic development of Paris Region: territorial dynamics, sustainability, clusters.Conceiving territorial dynamics. Through innovative ideas, the IAU helps local authorities and companies to take the right decisions. 

15:30 – Société du Grand Paris

Benoit Labat concluded this great journey with his presentation of Grand Paris Express, the largest transport project in Europe with large scale urban development projects. It consists in a fundamental rethink, redesign and focus on the public transport network on the scale of the metropolitan area. The purpose of this exercise is to avail Grand Paris with multimodal transport solutions and more integrated transport services. They planned 4 additional lines, 200 km of new railway lines, 68 brand new interconnected stations, 2 million passengers every day, a train every 2 to 3 minutes, a 100% automatic metro system and 90% of lines will be built underground. 

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17:00 – Departure

After a very inspiring weekend, it was time to go back home!

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