By Audrey Carbonel | June 12, 2019

Management succession to take Co.Station to the next stage

Co.Station Belgium, headquartered in Brussels with premises in Ghent and Charleroi, is taking a new step in its development. During the last two years, under the leadership of CEO Wouter Remaut, Co.Station restructured its real estate activities and launched new services in open innovation and ecosystem-building, enabling the company to stabilise its financial position and achieve overall profitability. Co.Station is now well-placed to focus fully on further developing its innovation and ecosystem-building activities, which will become its core business through the creation of ecosystems where startups, scale-ups and other companies are able not only to network and grow but also partner and benefit from innovation services.

Wouter Remaut is stepping down as CEO of Co.Station today, 12th of June, after more than two years in the post. He will however continue working with the Co.Station Board for some time so as to ensure a smooth handover. In line with the decision to focus on open innovation, he will be succeeded by Béatrice de Mahieu, currently Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) at Co.Station.

In her career to date, Béatrice has worked with a number of major companies, including Telenet and Microsoft, and media groups including the Vlan Group and Elle Belgique. An investment expert, she has also since 2012 been a member of the Board of Experts of Internet Attitude, one of Belgium’s leading investment funds. In addition, Béatrice co-founded the Virtuology Academy, which is dedicated to training in innovation and entrepreneurship, and helped develop the Pimento Map, a tool for validating business models. She has also been active as coach and mentor for startups, assisting them in their search for investors, the development of their strategy and the drive for continued growth.

As CIO at Co.Station, Béatrice launched the company’s structured innovation offerings, leading inter alia to the creation of the Internet of Energy (IoE) Ecosystem, and managed various projects in the banking, packaging and FMCG industries, demonstrating the ability of Co.Station to assist large companies in the execution of their internal and external innovation strategy by bringing corporates and entrepreneurs together. Béatrice’s extensive experience, combined with her knowledge of innovation and entrepreneurship, will enable her to ensure a smooth transition and acceleration of our offer together with the Co.Station teams.

Commenting on this top management succession, Dirk Beeckman, Chief Transformation at BNP Paribas Fortis and Chairman of the Board stated: “I would like to thank Wouter for his valuable contribution to the work of Co.Station during his two years as CEO. Under his leadership, the company has expanded its footprint in Belgium through the opening of Co.Station Charleroi and its nominaton of manager of The Beacon in Antwerp, plus the launch of new activities that have helped to prepare the company for the next stage. I wish him all the very best in his future career.”

Wouter Remaut underlined: “I’m very proud of the position Co.Station has attained. The company is now ready to begin writing a new chapter in its history,” adding: “I am convinced that Béatrice is the right person to lead Co.Station and that she will be able to build on the excellent work done by the Co.Station teams so far with the support of our four global partners BNP Paribas Fortis, Proximus, Solvus and SDWorx. I wish her every success in meeting her new challenge.”

Explained Béatrice de Mahieu: “Co.Station intends to confirm its position in the creation of value-driven innovation ecosystems, where sharing knowledge and initiating collaboration between multiple parties are key. Cross-industry curiosity, best practice sharing and – at the end of the chain – real value creation in these ecosystems are crucial for all stakeholders involved, including corporates, startups, research entities, academics and citizens. We believe that innovation should serve real consumer wants and human needs. Sharing talent and knowledge will foster genuinely open and trustful innovation. I look forward to continuing to guide Co.Station along this development path.”



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