Looking for an inspirational and dynamic work environment for your meeting or event?

Co.Station is the perfect workplace for your networking events, workshops, conferences, off-sites and client meetings!

Our cosy & bright workspaces have that unique vibe that will inspire your team and your guests.

Our innovative business environment offers you a choice of flexible rooms to book for your event or meeting.

At Co.Station, you’ll find the meeting room that best suits the needs of small and medium-sized teams and companies all in a high-quality environment.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Please note that all requests will be answered within 24 hours and all demands done on Friday will be processed the following Monday. 

Our global partners

Co.Station | Global Partner: BNP Paribas Fortis
Co.Station | Global Partner: Proximus
Co.Station | Global Partner: SDWorx
Co.Station | Global Partner: Solvus
Co.Station | Global Partner: Befimmo

Our innovation partners

Co.Station | Innovation Partner: Accenture
Co.Station | Innovation Partner: Cresco