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Today, more than ever, we need buildings that support quality of life, promote health, safety and comfort while being sustainable from their development until the end of their lifecycle.

Story of co.building

Where it all started.

With co.building, Co.Station sets up a unique collaboration between people & organisations across the building & construction industry. In order to provide answers to Belgium’s and Europe’s building challenge, we develop concrete use-cases and fast innovation.

How can the industry respond in times of rapid technological developments, climate change, health crisis and labour shortages?

There are no simple answers to these types of questions and not 1 company can solve the puzzle on its own.




That’s why co.building is a driving force, pushing towards a smart and sustainable building industry. By using collective intelligence and stimulating cross-company collaboration, we co-create solutions driven by the expertise and the creativity of the members of our ecosystem.

So, let’s challenge building together!

Founding partners

People with great passion can make the impossible happen.

Introduction of the challenges

From a challenge to a business case.

New Ways of Working & Living

How might we offer hybrid working and meeting solutions integrating main-, satellite- and home-office that optimizes the use of new empty spaces while considering the wellbeing and the feeling of belonging of workers in the framework of increased home-working?

User-Centric & Smart Buildings

How might we leverage existing and new data to improve the user experience as well as sustainability, maintenance, security, and facility?

Renovation Plan & Energy Performance

How might we conceive financing models/contractual framework for sustainable deep renovation and propose a viable alternative to demolition and reconstruction?

Lifecycle building

How might we enable the re-use of products, components, materials and fittings, during professional space design, focused on durability and adaptability?


Where successful people get together.


Together, we’ll achieve more.

  • “BNP Paribas Fortis, as one of the major employers in Belgium, wants to continue to be a forerunner in the changing world of working. As a founding partner, we are delighted to announce the launch of the co.building ecosystem, alongside many other valuable partners. In the next months, we will take up our role in this new ecosystem in order to build further on important questions related to digitisation, sustainability, the optimal facilitation of team work and the adherence of all staff to the purpose and values of their organisation.”

  • “We are very proud to be founding partner of this new ecosystem. co.building is an extension of our strategy. Together with our partners we want to innovate in the field in order to shape tomorrow’s hybrid world of work in a smart, progressive and sustainable way.”

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Co.Station team working on this ecosystem

Where teamwork is at the heart of great achievement.

Cécile Huylebroeck
Partners & PR Manager, Head of Co.Responsibility, Head of Co.Building

The essence of sharing knowledge

Lando Szücs
Innovation Program Manager

There’s nothing more contagious than passion.

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