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Co.Food’s vision is not about less bad, it about doing good with a consumer centric approach.


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Where it all started.

At, we are convinced that more than ever, we need resilient & regenerative food solutions that can go toe-to-toe with our faster ever changing world and consumers. Amongst the top food trends that we have identified, we are going to focus on those having the biggest positive impact on the consumer & planet.

Resilient food solutions with business , environmental and societal impacts.

Proven co-creation methodology based on collective intelligence and innovation expertise.

Aim at developing and accelerating concrete use-cases.

We want to provide answers to Belgium’s & European food and beverages challenges by developing concrete use-cases & quicker innovation. Such a complex challenge needs to be tackled through collaboration & collective intelligence along the food value chain.

A dedicated ecosystem can create a common vision about food & its future.

So, let’s challenge food together!

Founding partners

People with great passion can make the impossible happen.

Introduction of the challenges

From a challenge to a business case.

Shorter Circuits Transparency

How might we boost the adoption and development of shorter circuits (less intermediaries), local, and regenerative products by the mass market ?

Convenience Food

How might we make convenience rhyme with positive impact on my health, the planet especially when we are out of home?

Zero Food Waste At home

How might we help consumers to adopt a zero food waste behaviour? planning/ preparation/ preservation?

Zero Waste Pack

How might we reduce the single use plastic in our daily lives without compromising on food safety and convenience?

Healthier and Accessible Food For All

How might we convince households that cooking/buying/preserving fresh products can be “easy” and affordable?

Health through Alternative plant based

How might we make more people adopt healthier food habits through plant based to answer environmental + animal welfare concerns?


Where successful people get together.


Together, we’ll achieve more.

  • "Being relevant for the customer and responding to their needs and expectations, that’s what Delhaize Belgium promises to our customer every day. For that reason Delhaize Belgium has joined Co.Food ecosystem to innovate and co-create resilient food solutions with business and societal impact so that Delhaize Belgium continues to contribute to better eating in our country."

  • "Co.Food is a unique initiative allowing different key players of the connected food ecosystem to join forces in the innovation arena and develop relevant consumer experiences. Electrolux is looking forward to actively participate to Co.Food alongside other strategic actors of the food community to explore and incubate future consumer solutions"

  • “Together with our partners we will create a common vision about food and its future.”

    Norbert WeicheleNorbert WeicheleCEO of Zentis Group
  • "As global driving force for natural, great tasting food Zentis Group participates in the Belgium Food innovation ecosystem Co.Food hosted by Co.Station. More than ever, we need resilient and regenerative food solutions that can go toe-to-toe with our faster ever-changing world and consumers. Such a complex challenge needs to be tackled through collaboration & collective intelligence"

    Karl-Heinz JohnenKarl-Heinz JohnenCEO of Zentis Group

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Where teamwork is at the heart of great achievement .

Fleur Parnet
Head of Co.Food

Everyday, we have a mistake to learn from and a success to celebrate.

Adeline Michaux
Sustainable Innovation Manager

“It always seems impossible until it’s done” Nelson Mandela

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