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No less than 4 Belgians out of 10 are at risk of becoming excluded from our increasingly digital society.

A societal problem

The digital inclusion challenge.

Digital divide is a problem for the excluded persons, as they are not able to fully participate in domains such as work, education, leisure, healthcare, translating in being excluded from essential services like enlisting in schools, job applications, unemployment benefits etc.

It is a problem for social organisations working on digital inclusion, as a low priority in the list of societal issues means less means and resources for them to fight the digital divide.


It is also a problem for public and private organisations, as they do not reach the full potential of their stakeholder base, i.e. customers, citizens, employees. And last not least, it is a problem for society as a whole, as there is no sustainable recovery or future development without a resilient and digitally inclusive population.

Digital Inclusion

Creating a mind shift and mobilising society .

Our engaged project team welcomes the help of experts to further develop the campaign and sponsors to help finance it. Contribute to one or more of our solutions:

  • Awareness campaign,
  • Platform to upscale digital inclusion initiatives,
  • An on-the-go mobile solution,
  • A local touchpoint with a digital inclusion officer,
  • A ‘digital inclusion by design’ index,
  • An automated way to upscale digital skills.


to our solutions.

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