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A Thriving Community

At Co.Station Gent, we bring successful startups, scaleups, companies together in a thriving community. We’ve understood that there’s is one specific group of people you’re eager to learn from your peers.

Entrepreneurs that share the same dream of growing their business and need to conquer the same difficulties.

That is why Co.Station Gent is all about coworking & co-creation. When you provide that gutsy entrepreneurial spirit, we’ll match it with a number of valuable benefits: offices, meeting rooms, innovation programs…


Co.Station in Gent is located at Gent-Dampoort, where a vibrant new tech neighbourhood is growing.

In line with the philosophy of the City of Gent, Co.Station Gent chose to locate itself just outside of the city centre, near a variety of transport options, making it one of the most accessible meeting locations in Gent.

Fly in, drive in, bike in or just take the train and walk in!

Oktrooiplein 1, bus 201, 9000 Ghent
09 217 07 99 |

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Looking for your own place to meet?

Co.Station Gent | The pitching theatre

The Pitching Theatre

75 pers.

Flexible Seating, Ambient Light,

Beamer & Sound, Extra Airco

300€ half-day, 480€ day | VAT excl.
Co.Station Gent | Meeting Room The Block Buster

The Blockbuster

20 pers.

Private Curtains, Whiteboard

Beamer & Sound, Extra Airco

225€ half-day, 360€ day | VAT excl.
Co.Station Gent | Meeting Room The Commodore

The Commodore

20 pers.

Class Room Seats, Whiteboard,

Beamer & Sound, Extra Airco

210€ half-day, 340€ day | VAT excl.
Co.Station Gent | Meeting Room The Lego

The Lego

8 pers.

LEGO-enabled Meeting Room Table,

Whiteboard, Screen & Sound

150€ half-day, 240€ day | VAT excl.
Co.Station Gent | Meeting Room The Kodak

The Kodak

8 pers.

Writable wall, Screen & Sound

Meeting Room Table

150€ half-day, 240€ day | VAT excl.

Interested in becoming a resident?

Co.Station Office | A flexible office in Gent

Flex office

  • Access 24/7
  • Access to shared spaces
  • Access to restaurant
  • Use of meeting rooms | 5 hours per month
  • Access to Co.Station BXL, GNT and CRL

From 250€ / person

Price per month – one-year contract
from 250€ / person
*Fee valid for the period from July 1st, 2020 until and including December 31st, 2020 per newly started flex membership with a duration of minimum 12 months.
Co.Station Office | A fix office in Gent

Fix office

  • Access 24/7
  • Access to shared spaces
  • Access to restaurant
  • Use of meeting rooms | 5 hours per week
  • Access to private closed office
  • Free use of pitching theatre 4 times a year

From 250€ / person

Price per month – one-year contract

Services included:

  • Being part of the community
  • Free access to Co.Station events
  • High speed internet
  • Mail management
  • Reception services
  • Registered office (+100€/month)
  • Cleaning
  • Furniture
  • Charges and taxes
  • Access to printers
  • Logistic support
  • Electricity
  • Free water
  • Free coffee

Our Residents

Co.Station Community | Discover our residents | HydroScan
Co.Station Gent
What HydroScan offers integrated solutions for more sustainable and cost-effective water management. HydroScan was founded in 2003 and has been a pioneer in water modelling ever since. Today, we are a ...
Co.Station Community | Discover our residents | Boltzmann
Co.Station Gent
Created in 2017, Boltzmann is a consultancy company specialized in machine learning with proven implementations running at large financial institutions and technology companies. If you need models for complex applications, ...
Co.Station Community | Discover our residents | Fastned
Co.Station Gent
Fastned is a charging company that is building a European network of fast charging stations where all-electric cars can charge as fast as possible. The stations are located at high ...
Co.Station Community | Discover our residents | Ticto
Co.Station Gent
Ticto offers a security wearable that allows instant visual verification of authorized presence. This startup founded in 2014 is new and groundbreaking in the field of security and presence control. ...

Our residents talk about us

An VerbeeckAn VerbeeckCreator of opportunities at Netwerk Ondernemen

I was looking for my own office, combined with meeting rooms and just a nice place to be. Co.Station fits well for that! I saw the community growing a lot and for us it's an interesting place to be amongst startups.

Co.Station Gent

Thomas VanhoveThomas VanhoveFounder & CEO of Tengu

Co.Station is the perfect combination of having a shared space but still your private office where you can build your own environment. We wanted to have something inspiring, dynamic and in here there are a lot of innovative startups, that’s a good way to make connections to build your network and to see what’s out there. Co.Station is a cool place to be.

Co.Station Gent

Muriel BuyseMuriel BuyseProject manager at MoveUp.

I like the natural lights, the windows & all the facilities. It’s crazy good and cosy, more like a living room environment. You can choose between offices or flex spaces and play pool or ping pong! The facilities seem professional and when investors see the office, they tend to take us more seriously. All of that is a plus for MoveUp.

Co.Station Gent & Brussels

Our Co.Station Gent Team

Co.Station Team | Geert Coupez Village Director
Co.Station Brussels & Gent

Geert Coupez

Village Director

Co.Station Gent

Evelien Snoeck

Office Manager

Co.Station Gent | A tech coworking in Gent


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Oktrooiplein 1, bus 201, 9000 Ghent
09 217 07 99 |

How to get to Co.Station Gent

By bike? Co.Station Gent has a specific indoor bike parking to leave your bike safely.

By train? Take the train to Gent-Dampoort Railway Station. As you exit the train, you’ll look right into our offices!

By car? B-Parking Ghent Dampoort can accommodate vehicles that range from small cars to large busses.

Our global partners

Co.Station | Global Partner: BNP Paribas Fortis
Co.Station | Global Partner: Proximus
Co.Station | Global Partner: SDWorx
Co.Station | Global Partner: Solvus
Co.Station | Global Partner: Befimmo

Our innovation partners

Co.Station | Innovation Partner: Accenture
Co.Station | Innovation Partner: Cresco