By nurturing open innovation ecosystems, we get companies of all shapes and sizes to work together on use-cases that tackle societal topics. 

The challenges our society and its citizens face today are too complex for just one company to solve. Whether it is a challenge in energy, cleantech, mobility, health or any other domain, an innovation ecosystem stimulates knowledge sharing, boosts innovation and can result in marketable solutions.

But what is Co.Station’s role exactly?

We gather the different actors around a certain thematic and use our tried and tested methodology to harness their collective intelligence. We operate the ecosystem and guide cross-company teams during the ideation, prototyping, and implementation of use-cases in an agile way.


The way an ecosystem works goes as follows:

Founding partners invest in the ecosystem. In return, they determine its objective and thematics on which it will work,

Active members (Corporates, startups, and incubators) in the ecosystem collaborate during the ideation and prototyping phase on the use-cases,

Influencer members provide the ecosystem with knowledge, technology, infrastructure or other resources,

Investors and subsidies provide the ecosystem with extra funds.

Co.Station | Innovation Ecosystems

Our Methodology

Our signature methodology guides the entire ecosystem throughout 4 different phases:

Step 1 | Ideation

During this first phase, facilitated for all subscribed members of the Ecosystem, the participants will validate use case problem statements and ideas. They will finish the ideation phase with the first set of validated hypotheses and the first validation of a feasible business model for each use case.

Step 2 | Prototyping

Working in an agile way, where small groups of the ecosystem partners work together to build a part of or a complete use case during several development cycles focused on technology, and value creation validation.

Step 3 | Demonstration

Once the technology and the consumer value is proven, a large scale test will be started. A demonstration where the new product or service is delivered to the market under specific conditions for a period of 12 to 18 months.

Step 4 | Implementation

Once the technology is proven, regulation is ready and market traction is validated, the implementation of the new product or service will be supported.

Our Innovation Team

Co.Station Team | Beatrice de Mahieu, CEO, Chief Executive Officer at Co.Station

Béatrice de Mahieu

Chief Executive Officer


  • Strategic view & planning, Innovation priorities, Planning execution, Team Lover ?
Co.Station Team | Gregoire Talbot, Head of Co.Mobility

Grégoire Talbot

Head of Co.Mobility


  • Stay on course in a storm, solution minded, thinking out of the box, transform small ideas into big projects
Co.Station Team | Cécile Huylebroeck, Partner & PR manager

Cécile Huylebroeck

Head of Co.Responsibility, Head of Co.Building


  • Enthusiastic project & partner manager, facilitator & coach,  getting out the best in others
Co.Station Team | Fleur Parnet, Head of Co.Food

Fleur Parnet

Head of Co.Food


  • Energizing the people, showing the way with passion, planning the steps, walking the talk
Co.Station Team | Toya Dilles, Village Director at The Beacon Antwerp

Toya Dilles

Innovation Lead


  • Managing and monitoring innovation processes, Applying and coaching of innovation methodologies, Asking a lot of “why’s” and “how’s”.

Adeline Michaux

Sustainable Innovation Manager


  • Mobilizing people, get creative, come back to a meaningful north star

Lando Szücs

Innovation Program Manager


  • Challenging your thinking, Playing around with creativity, Seeing the big picture!

Our global partners

Co.Station | Global Partner: BNP Paribas Fortis
Co.Station | Global Partner: Proximus
Co.Station | Global Partner: SDWorx
Co.Station | Global Partner: Solvus
Co.Station | Global Partner: Befimmo

Our innovation partners

Co.Station | Innovation Partner: Accenture
Co.Station | Innovation Partner: Cresco