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It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together… Have you always dreamt about working in a startup environment? Are you looking for a dynamic and rewarding job?

If you said yes to one of these questions, it’s time for a new adventure!

Take a look at our job opportunities!

Who are we?

Co.Station is one of the leading Belgian Innovation ecosystems and co-working, aiming at helping scaleups, startups and corporates innovate, grow and develop:

  • Scaleups and Startups benefit from the Community to accelerate their growth;
  • Corporates benefit from the Community for their external innovation

Our mission, is to become a leader in scaling up Belgian Tech Startups. With a cross-corporate structure, a proven track record in management of startup villages, and experience in delivering innovation programs, Co.Station is the natural bridge between Corporates and Startups.

The cornerstone of our offering: a constant engagement with our community of more than 2.500 Belgian startups, scaleups, corporates and influencers.
Co.Station’s also rolls out innovation programs with the scope to boost external innovation, provide corporates with practical insights & connections and positively affect the innovation strategy of corporates .

At Co.Station, we bring together tech startups, companies and experts, with one common goal: Grow Together!

While entrepreneurs are looking for growthcompanies are looking for inspiration and innovation.

By connecting them, Co.Station provides an answer to everyone’s needs!


Village Director


Co.Station Team

We are looking for a person who fully understands the functioning of a co-working space and how to combine it with Co.Station’s community and vision. Thanks to your enthusiasm, motivation and leadership, you are able to convince tech start ups, scale ups and innovation departments from classical companies to join our community and take a seat in our villages. As a village director you are responsible for all real estate and co-working matters in Co.Station spaces in Brussels and Ghent, as well as for the well being of our residents. Together with your team of 3 office managers, you are making people to feel comfortable, welcome and part of a large family. Supported by the national office, you will also be co-organising events in order to create a vibrant community of residents.

You will also be in charge of all commercial aspects of the village. You are the main point of contact of all residents for all what concerns new contracts and renewals. Moreover, the village director performs proactive prospection towards start up’s, SME’s and corporates to ensure a maximum occupancy of our offices and a well-balanced resident mix (Corporates/Startups). You will ensure the optimal operation and maintenance of our building / co-working. You need to coordinate the office managers for any day to day questions and coach them in order to reach an efficient organization. All together this also means that you will manager the P&L of the villages, by a.o. taking care of debt collection, invoicing, concluding new contracts etc. At the same time you also make sure that our service providers keep our facilities in a perfect state so that people really feel at home.


  • In charge of the whole commercialization process: new contracts, renewal, against a fair remuneration based on our pricing strategy which should assure a good mix between scale-ups and relevant corporates offices in order to keep a qualitative community (60/40)
  • Responsible for well-functioning facility matters (building issues, company-restaurant, infrastructure, cleaning).
  • The village director act as the link between the landlord, residents, suppliers and all negotiation and contracts attached.
  • Responsible of keeping the co-working optimally operated and maintained
  • Ensure the coordination and proper use of all common areas and facilities.
  • Support and feed the accountant and the COO/CFO in real estate associated accounting and financial operations, financial reporting, etc.
  • Responsible for debt collection and invoicing, service charge and property tax accounts.
  • Coach and coordinate the 3 office managers
  • Technical and content support for the event organized in its village


  • Passionate about innovation and the world of entrepreneurs and start-ups
  • Sales driven
  • Experience in Real Estate management
  • Knowledge in administrative and financial reporting
  • Team player
  • Project management
  • Capable of selling and handling commercial negotiations in both Dutch and French
  • Multi-Tasker


  • In line with market standard, including a variable part linked to financial performance of the villages
  • Extra legal benefits such as cell phone, meal vouchers, etc.

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter.

Innovation Program Manager


Co.Station Team

The Innovation Program Manager will on one hand oversee and manage a clear database of innovation leads and key prospects, and work on a clear sales innovation sales pipe and funnel (all initiatives that can converge organization in requesting advice or collaboration on digital transformation and innovation workshops and collaborations). He/she will also actively create leads and engage in a sales pipe for the CoStation Innovation Programs. The Innovation Program Manager will report to the CIO and work on program content creation: this can be on customizing the standard innovation programs, to collaborate with the CIO in new programs. The Innovation Program Manager will also ensure all the organizational aspects of a future and ongoing innovation program, from its content development in collaboration with the CIO to implementing the program activities.

The Program Manager ensures the program is completed to a consistently high standards of quality (follow-up with client and all stakeholders), within budget and within time, that objectives are met on time, suiting the company’s image and objectives. Makes sure the program meets professional corporate standards.


  • Manage innovation program leads and and actively make prospect ocean grow
  • Through inbound and outbound channels (mail, call, content…) sell innovation programs (pre-sales events, Insight Talks etc…)
  • Aligns with the CIO on the agreed program with the client, and will from there continue follow-up on it’s excellence of execution
  • Establishes program retroplanning on deliverables and ensures all internal and external stakeholders meet them.
  • Follow-up on the recruited trainers on all training information both Co.Station, the client and the trainer needs.
  • Details training budget sub-lines within the given budget of the CIO and confirmed trainers
  • Makes sure invoice information from all stakeholders (trainers, client, catering..) are gathered and briefs the invoicing team member.
  • Collects all participant information with the client, and makes sure all received a qualitative training description and agenda, and that the trainers are informed on participant profiles and received training information
  • Aligns the training room reservations (internal or external) and catering needs
  • Aligns and coordinates the necessary materials requested for the training, and the collection of the training slides
  • Creates evaluation guidelines and questionnaires for evaluating the program’s strengths and satisfaction and areas where improvement is required.
  • Makes sure all deliverables, handouts, training materials, room training materials (presentation set-up, pencils, booklets, sound…) are in place
  • Resolves problems with program as they arise.
  • Monitors program’s progress and reports this in regular meetings with high-end managers and any stakeholders funding the program.
  • The program Manager will report to the Chief Innovation Officer (CIO)


  • Excellent Written and Oral Communication Skills (EN, FR, NL)
  • Attention to Detail and excellence in execution
  • Superior Organisational Skills
  • Works Well to Deadlines and Under Pressure
  • Socially skilled and good networker, able to see and create leads
  • Having a good understanding on entrepreneurial and innovation methodologies (Design Thinking, BMC, Lean Startup, Agile…)
  • Good empathy and people oriented
  • Multi-Tasker
  • Can manage an operational budget


  • Innovation program leads and prospects, P&L of our innovation activities
  • Sales of “step-in” innovation programs like Insight Talks..
  • Efficient Use of Resources (budget and people): be inline with the budgeted and projected resource planning.
  • Time efficiency: Meeting Deadlines vs. Going Over (without increasing scope)
  • Quality Control and customer satisfaction: be excellent in quality delivery of the program management and have a average 4 on 5 satisfaction rate from client

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter.

Community Manager


Co.Station Team

We look for a strong profile capable of building, animating and feeding one of the richest startups community in Belgium. The community manager should have an indepth network and knowledge in the startups and scaleups community. In addition, a good understanding of corporate innovation is a plus as you will be responsible to do match making between start-ups and corporates. Your role is also to help our residents develop their business with Co.Station partners and beyond. Co.Stations villages (Brussels and Ghent) need to be sparkling; hosting relevant startups and corporates but also important events or drawing media attention. Finding external partners which could feed the community is also part of your role. Your goal is clear: make of Co.Station the best environment in Belgium to develop a business, co-create and innovate.


  • Responsible to handle and animate the Co.Station community in Ghent, Brussels, Charleroi and Antwerp.
  • In coordination with the national team define an agenda of events and PR engagement to respond to the local needs and community.
  • Deep dive in the startups/scaleups ecosystem in Belgium but more particularly in Ghent and Brussels.
  • Responsible with the village director for attracting the right startups, with a focus on various type of technological trend and aiming mature startups
  • Is an active scouter in the national and European tech ecosystem
  • Organization of matchmaking events between our tech residents for added value in both ways
  • Aligns with Co.Station CIO and COO on the corporate needs on scouting programs for open innovation possibilities
  • Will be the POC for the COO on finding the best startups for Innovation events where entrepreneur exerts and speakers are needed
  • Will be the Co.Station brand keeper as the best partner for tech startups to grand and make business with corporates
  • Tech trendwatcher / content provider for community
  • Will engage with all villages communities and see what cross seeding is possible between all CoStation villages


  • Excellent Written and Oral Communication Skills (EN, FR, NL)
  • Strong in marketing, communication and event management
  • Tech and digital lover
  • Familiar with the Belgian startups scene (especially Brussels and Ghent)
  • Familiar with the concepts of corporate innovation
  • A business developer
  • Superior Organisational Skills
  • Works Well to Deadlines and Under Pressure
  • Socially skilled and good networker, able to see and create leads
  • Good empathy and people oriented
  • Multi-Tasker
  • Can manage an operational budget


  • Have a minimum of 60% of Tech Startups/Scale-ups in all CoStation villages
  • Organises at least every 2 months events for residents, in all villages, where the purpose and the business of residents can be shared
  • Have a minimum of 1xmonth press opportunity for own community tech startups
  • Keeping our resident happiness barometers at the highest possible level

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter.


Co.Station Team

Wouter Remaut

Chief Executive Officer

Co.Station Team | Beatrice de Mahieu, CIO, Chief Innovation Officer at Co.Station

Béatrice de Mahieu

Chief Innovation Officer

Co.Station Brussels · Place Sainte-Gudule 5 · 1000 Brussels

Co.Station Gent · Oktrooiplein 1 · 9000 Ghent

Co.Station Charleroi · Quai Paul Verlaine 2 · 6000 Charleroi

The Beacon Antwerp · Sint-Pietersvliet 7 · 2000 Antwerp