Mobility as we know it is undergoing a revolution and we should all be in the driver seat.

Co.Station is uniting the mobility market’s players by creating a whole new ecosystem in March 2020.

Join this initiative and actively collaborate in the creation of solutions that specifically target the mobility industry.



Our current transportation system is putting enormous pressure on our society. For starters, the environmental impact of our car-intensive transportation has contributed to the highest CO2-level ever measured. Additionally, Belgians spend on average an entire week in stuck traffic per year. This racks up to a whopping 22 million euro per day in estimated cost, money that could be spent to improve the transportation system itself. There are many more examples of why we need to innovate. Despite all this, the car is king and it remains the preferred way of transport in Belgium.

Our current mobility system, both public and private, should become more efficient, offer more alternatives and make mobility revolve around its users instead of the mode of transport.

Co.Station | Mobility Ecosystem

In other words, there is a huge window of opportunity in mobility. We see several trends that our pushing mobility toward a different direction. Technology and entrepreneurship provide an answer to some of the challenges, with start-ups and other smaller organizations disrupting the market. In the meanwhile, well-established mobility organizations are looking for innovative ways to serve their users even better. Citizen’s notion of car ownership is slowly changing as more and more people start using alternatives such as micro-mobility, car-sharing or e-hailing platforms. However, this large offering is very fragmented and is in need of harmonization if we want to achieve multi-modal mobility.

 In sum, each of these challenges proposes an opportunity to take a strong position in this rapidly evolving new world.

We need resilient mobility solutions that can go toe-to-toe with our dynamic and ever-changing world.

At Co.Station, we truly believe that such a complex challenge needs to be tackled through collaboration and collective intelligence. A dedicated ecosystem can create a common vision about mobility and its future, which according to experts is lacking today.

By connecting market players and employing our proven methodology we want to provide answers to Belgium’s mobility challenges by developing concrete use-cases. You have the opportunity to play a key role in the ideation and development of use-cases that can change the status quo.

Let’s challenge mobility!

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