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January 2019

Co.Station innovation Programs Insight Talk | Cyber Security and Cloud Computing
Co.Station Brussels
Jan 15 - Jan 15

According to Gartner, by 2020, a corporate ‘no-cloud’ policy will be as unusual as a ‘no-internet’ policy would be today. Cloud computing is everywhere, and is today not only the work environment for startups. But this “way-of-working” is also often linked to cyber-security questions, and makes it often a reason why corporates are questioning these cloud practices due to fear of cyber attacks. 

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Co.Station Events | Fireside Chat with Jean-Charles della Faille
Co.Station Brussels
Jan 18 - Jan 18

Co.Station is pleased to launch its first FIRESIDE CHAT with Jean-Charles della Faille. Jean Charles has been both a creative contributor and a creative director for almost 20 years in the world of advertising. Now, he puts his experience of major brands to work for organizations and businesses of every kind to help define their raison d’être, their universal motivation, the common cause that gives direction to the work they do. By finding your own WHY, he wants to inspire the people most likely to make you grow! Do not miss the opportunity to listen to this very inspiring man! 


***Event only open to Co.Station Residents***

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