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March 2019

Co.Station Events | Impact Now Co.Station Events | Impact Now on the road to positive change
Co.Station Gent
Mar 20 - Mar 20

Do you want to take action for our planet and our society? Do you want to contribute to a positive societal change in Belgium? Then Impact Now is what you’re looking for. Impact Now is a series of participative events in five Belgian cities with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN as a common thread. It arose from the conviction that we can only solve the challenges humanity faces if we place impact at the center of every action, on all levels, from citizens to companies, institutions and influencers.

Impact Now is your chance to boost your societal impact: Be inspired by intriguing speakers and numerous workshops, Meet the most impactful enterprises and organizations of your region, Seize the opportunity to share your own societal impact experience or innovation, Co-create a durable transition.

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