At Co.Station, we’re working hard to build a strong & thriving community 🙌

Let’s join our recurring events  to get to know each other, network & have fun!

See you there ✌️

Resident Lunch

The resident lunch is the forum for you, the residents, to get to know your neighbor. To offer them what you have & to ask them what you need.

To share failures & celebrate success.

Or to tell anything else worth telling. ✨

Co.Station provides lunch 🥪, you provide the stories 🗣

Co.Station Brussels: 1st Thursday of each month

Co.Station Gent: last Tuesday of each month

Co.Station Resident Events | AperoStation


The AperoStation are organized to grab a beer after a productive (long) day at work!

It’s ok to take a break, network with your peers, challenge your ideas, talk to each other, enjoy a drink with your colleague & just breathe… 

What to expect?

Beers provided by our amazing partner Duvel & Moortgat 🍻

Good Food 🍿Great Music 🎶& Nice People 🤩

Co.Station Brussels: 3rd Thursday of each month

Co.Station Gent: 1st Thirstday of each month


Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath. Close your eyes, open your mind & join our yoga class 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️

The classes will be given by Véronique Berth, specialized in Vinyasa Yoga, who feel in love with this practice as it enabled her to take control and power over her life and decisions.

During these dynamic yoga sessions, you’ll be able to come back to yourself and to focus on the immobilization of your body, to observe it’s power and inner language, and have control over your concentration abilities. It’s a physical, mental and spiritual journey that uses both the strength of the mind and the body. As Véronique often says about Vinyasa Yoga: “everything is connected”!

Co.Station Brussels: every Tuesday, from 12:30 to 13:20, 12€ / session

Co.Station Resident Events | Yoga
Co.Station Resident Events | Massage


Make time for yourself and relax 🍃

Therapists reports that massages reduce stress, improve circulation, reduce pain, eliminate toxins, improve flexibility, improve sleep, reduce fatigue, relieve headaches, ease muscle pain, boost immunity and last but not least counteracts all that sitting you do! This means you can keep your desk job as long, as you schedule a regular massage.

So, what are you waiting for to schedule a massage? 💆‍♀️💆‍♂️

Co.Station Gent: once a month!

Contact Pilar for your booking or 0470 80 34 75.

BYOD | Bring Your Own Dog at the office day

🐕Humans are a dog’s best friend so what about sharing your office life for once?

Why are we allowing you to come at work with their dog?

Some of you already asked if they can come with their dog and one of our jobs is to make you happy! 🤩

Studies have shown that allowing dogs in the workplace can reduce work-related stress, improve morale & increase job satisfaction! 🤓

And last, dogs in the workplace provide more social support for employees, as well as more opportunities for coworkers to interact in a positive setting which is a real advantage for our thriving community! 🙌

Co.Station Resident Events | BringYour Own Dog at the office day


1️⃣ Before bringing your dog at the office, you have to ask the permission of your own office and boss.

2️⃣ Please make sure your dog stays in closed office space and must have the ok from all colleagues before.

3️⃣ Each owner is 100% responsible for his/her dog at all times and will agree on the following engagement before bringing his/her dog at the office.

4️⃣ If you want to bring your dog to the office, please read carefully the engagements available at the reception.

✅ Do not forget to make your office space safe for a dog – which means ensuring there are no exposed wires or other dangerous appliances for them to chew on.

✅ Also, remember to bring along a water bowl, snacks, toys and anything else your dog needs to have a successful day at the office.

✅And do not forget to introduce your new colleague 🤩

Co.Station will do its best to make it as successful as possible for everyone! Please note that any violations of the rules and engagements can result in the termination of our dog privileges, so please take all necessary action on your side to make it successful too 🐕🌟

Co.Station Resident Events | BringYour Own Dog at the office day

Initiative supported by Sans Collier ASBL

Created in 1972, Sans Collier ASBL is one of the biggest animal shelter in Belgium helping 1600 animals per year! The main objective of Sans Collier is to improve the relationship between man & animal, taking into account their mutual well-being and the place of the animal in society. They have their own shelter for dogs and cats lost, seized or abandoned. More info 👉

Co.Station Brussels: last Friday of each month.

Co.Station Gent: last Friday of each month.

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