‘Shoot for the moon even if you miss you’ll land among the stars’ -Norman Vincent Peale

At Co.Station, you’ll be able to focus on your own project in your – maybe first –  office while exchanging knowledge, ideas and inspiration with startups, scaleups, entrepreneurs, and companies.

It’s time to take your business to the next level!

At the start there was an idea, one that you have worked on very hard, for months or years on your kitchen table.

It’s been challenging, it’s been tough.

You did the rounds and got the support of “friends, family and fools”, you managed to grow, but now time has come to grow or die.

You realize it just can’t be done on your own or with your small team anymore. Too many things to deal with, not enough space, not the appropriate contacts.

Co.Station is here for you!

Co.Station creates your – maybe first – office to help you set up your business in a flexible, yet professional, housing environment that embraces your gutsy entrepreneurial spirit.

Co.Station offers you a community to meet both peers – entrepreneurs, startups, scaleups, like you -, and those keen to help you grow, innovate, succeed and find your place in the Belgian Tech Ecosystem.

We are convinced that bringing companies and tech startups together is the key to innovation and a prosperous digital transformation.

Co.Station | A thriving community of startups, scaleups, entrepreneurs, companies

Community of +2500 startups, scaleups, entrepreneurs and companies changing the world through transformation & innovation.

Co.Station | Innovation program to boost your external innovation and help you build new perspectives, capture value and grow.

Access to innovation programs to help you build & maintain the capacity to innovate and drive open-innovation into the Belgian Tech Ecosystem.

A flexible workspace

Co.Station Office | A flexible office in Brussels, Gent, Charleroi and Antwerp

Flexible office

Choose your favorite flexible work location and call it your home. You can then use every free workplace in the common area you can find. Bring your laptop, find a quiet place and go to work.

Co.Station Office | A fix office in Brussels, Gent, Charleroi and Antwerp

Fix office

With a private fully equipped office you benefit on one side of our thriving community, but you also have more privacy and the opportunity to develop your own company culture.


A thriving community to grow your business

Co.Station Community | Meet our experts

Meet the community

Our partners want to work with and help you so that you can focus on growing your business. As a member of our community, you will have the opportunity to meet startups, scaleups, entrepreneurs, companies and work with them in an innovative work environment.

Co.Station Community | Premium Services

Premium services

We have a state of the art connectivity with the outside world, a great team of enthusiastic people to take good care of our community. We happily receive your visitors, take care of your mail, we just don’t let out your dog 😉 We offer everything you need to grow your business in an inspiring workspace!


Looking for your own place to meet?

Co.Station Event Space | The pitching theater

The pitching theater

Co.Station offers you the best public speaking experience to organize your networking event, product launch, conference,… Our cosy & bright theatre have that unique vibe that will inspire your team as well as your guests.

Co.Station Meeting Rooms | Available Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms

Co.Station is the perfect venue for your networking events, workshops, conferences, off-sites, and client meetings. Our fully-equipped meeting rooms include high-speed internet, reception, audiovisual equipment, and so much more.